Friday, April 24, 2009

Bad Mom?

I have been feeling rather guilty lately. Peyton has been watching a lot of TV while I snooze on the couch. In fact, she says to me every day, "Mom, you sleep on the couch and I will watch my shows." I must be the worst mom using the TV as a babysitter as frequently as I am, but with how I am feeling with this pregnancy, it is kind of a necessity.

My guilt was eased somewhat last week, however. We were in the van on the way home from Holly and Brian's and it was late so Morgan and Trevor were asleep in the back. Peyton, who had slept on the way there, was wide awake and talking up a storm. The next thing Ken and I realize, Peyton was counting things and then she started counting in Spanish (in the cutest little accent, mind you). I was amazed when she got almost to ten. Ken and I were floored.

Maybe all the TV she has been watching isn't such a bad thing? :)