Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Ken treated me to a wonderful Valentine's Day this year. During the day he watched the kids so I could take a nap. Then he surprised me with gorgeous, red roses, chocolate truffles, my favorite candy (red Swedish fish), and thin mint cookies. We took the kids to the babysitter and then we went out to dinner. It was so nice to have some time alone together to talk and enjoy each others company. At dinner Ken gave me one more gift.

About a year and a half ago we were moving our TV to paint and it smashed my fingers. Later that night, I noticed that my opal ring that I have worn everyday for the past 15 years was totally bent and smashed onto my finger. Ken was able to sneak it to a jeweler and had it reshaped and put a new opal in since the old one was chipped. The result is beautiful and I love having it (new and improved) back on my finger.

Most of all, I am so grateful for Ken being my Valentine for the last 14 years. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to get to spend my life with him. He is my perfect match and I know that he makes me so much better than I could ever be on my own. I can't imagine life without him. He does a great job on Valentine's day, but really he spoils me everyday. I love you Ken!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I can relate...

These were on my friend Paige's blog. I seriously laughed out loud! Enjoy!


I love that my children, despite looking quite similar, are so very different. It is especially fun to watch the differences between my girls, Morgan and Peyton. Morgan is such an interesting mix. She has always gotten along really well with both boys and girls, but she doesn't really like to do the girly activities. No dolls, barbies, princesses, or pink for her. I remember the time when she didn't want to go to a "Princess Party" and would only go if she did NOT have to dress up like a princess.

Peyton is totally different. Pink is her absolute favorite color. Seriously, it borders on an obsession. She is a great mommy to all her dolls. She was thrilled to get her first pink Barbie doll at Christmas. She loves dressing up with her friends and has even been known to put on a princess dress a time or two.

So I guess I should not have been surprised at the difference when Peyton got a hold of a red marker the other night. I immediately thought of Morgan and the war-paint look she created for herself a couple of years ago.

Peyton had a different approach. In fact, I found out she had the red marker because she was asking for my help. She had "painted" her left hand fingernails and now needed help on her right hand to complete the task. Of course I helped her finish the job before taking away the marker. I have laughed and laughed about this experience and it made me love both of my beautiful daughters even more.