Tuesday, February 8, 2011

He loves to "read"!

I love that Cooper loves books. Several times a day he brings me books to read to him. Sometimes he grabs some books, climbs up in the massage chair (its just his size) and looks at books. So cute! I hope he will have a lifetime love of reading!

Religious Freedom

Here is a link for the speech Elder Oaks did recently at Chapman University School of Law. Some very interesting food for thought and I appreciate his insights. Truly is worth the 47 minutes.

Check it out.


At our house we are pretty big Cougar fans. We really enjoy watching, and when we can, attending BYU basketball and football games. Sadly with the conferences changing the Cougs won't be coming to Colorado as often. Dang!

We have been loving watching Jimmer and the guys having such a great season. We took the family up to Ft. Collins to cheer them on as they defeated the CSU Rams. We had a huge group there and the game was a blast! Then last week Ken and I, with our friends the Adamsons, ventured up to the freezing tundra of Laramie, Wyoming to watch them play the Cowboys. It is killing me that I am not able to go tomorrow night down to Colorado Springs and cheer them on to victory over Air Force.

Jimmer really is incredible to watch! I can't believe how he can pull up from almost anywhere on the floor and make the shot. It is also very impressive watching him split defenders and drive to the hoop. I hope he gets player of the year. We look forward to watching where he goes from here.


I'll admit, I was pretty excited that Morgan wanted to try basketball this season. She joined a team through the rec. center that was coached by her former soccer coach, Coach Jen. Most of the girls had played together in a competitive league during the fall and it was great to see Morgan find a place on the team. She was one of the few beginners on the team and I think it really helped her to learn from her teammates. She LOVED it! She showed great hustle and effort throughout the season. Morgan was especially good at stealing the ball and usually had a couple most games. Her team, the Warriors, went 8-0 in an undefeated season.

We all loved cheering Morgan on at her games. Trevor wants to play too, so we will use the off season to work on some fundamentals. We are already looking forward to next season!

Way to go Warriors!

On a fast break after a steal.

Morgan's biggest fan!

Sledding with the Siders

As I look out into my backyard at the snow gently falling, I am reminded of the sledding adventure that we had with the cousins on New Year's Day. It was so fun to have them up for sledding, pizza, and playing the wii. We are so lucky that they live nearby and we always have a blast together (even if we did lose the canasta game to them that night)!

Photography credits to Ken.

Engagement Photos

One of the perks of having Cyle and Athena visit over Christmas was the opportunity to take their Engagement pictures. It was a blast! We went shopping and then took the pictures up at Centerra. We had some great light and the models were top notch! I told them I would wait to post any pictures until they had mailed out their invitations. So, I finally get to post some of my favorites...

This experience was so great for me and I am thankful that Cyle and Athena were willing to take a chance on my amateur self. I think this was the catalyst for my photography goals for this year. I had ideas that I couldn't quite do because I need to have a better understanding of how to use my tools. I look forward to becoming more educated about photography so that I put what I see in my head in the actual result.