Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Engagement Photos

One of the perks of having Cyle and Athena visit over Christmas was the opportunity to take their Engagement pictures. It was a blast! We went shopping and then took the pictures up at Centerra. We had some great light and the models were top notch! I told them I would wait to post any pictures until they had mailed out their invitations. So, I finally get to post some of my favorites...

This experience was so great for me and I am thankful that Cyle and Athena were willing to take a chance on my amateur self. I think this was the catalyst for my photography goals for this year. I had ideas that I couldn't quite do because I need to have a better understanding of how to use my tools. I look forward to becoming more educated about photography so that I put what I see in my head in the actual result.

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Emma's Mom said...

WOW those are really great pictures! How exciting for the cute couple!