Monday, April 29, 2013


After 7 weeks, Trevor was finally able to get his cast off!  He had to wear his brace for a couple of more weeks, but Trev was THRILLED.  We both had our fill of hospital visits, so hopefully it will be awhile...a LONG while before we have to do that again.

My little girl is growing up!

 For Christmas, Peyton got a gift card to Claire's to get her ears pierced.  She has been wanting this for a long time and we went down to the Orchard's one afternoon.  She was very excited and very brave.  She loved the result and how grown-up she felt.


Celia's Visit

For years I have been going to New York City to take in the sights, some Broadway shows, but most of all to visit my dear friend Celia.  The stars aligned and she was able to come visit us here in Denver this last Christmastime.  I loved that my kids were finally able to meet Celia and she could meet my crazy kiddos.  It was such a treat to have her visit!  I loved every second of it!

We went bowling with Ken's family and then had a lovely dinner at Hacienda Colorado (my favorite!) We got manicure and pedicures and saw Les Miserables with friends.  We also headed to Boulder to walk around Pearl Street, get hot chocolate, and window shopping.  Ken took the kids back home and we headed over to Boulder's Dinner theater where we saw 42 Street.  It was fun that one of the leads was also our waiter.  We loved the show and all its great tap dancing.

It was such a fun visit and it always does my heart good to be Celia!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

One of the perks of Colorado


Every December there is a scout ski day where you can get discounts on ski passes for the day.  Included in the pass is a chili lunch.  Ken tries to take the kids at least for one of the days.  This year Trevor was not able to go yet because of his broken arm, so the day turned into a Daddy/Daughter date.

A few months later Trevor's arm was doing great and we had a free Saturday so Ken took Morgan and Trevor up to Eldora for the day.  As they were getting discount passes at King Soopers, our friend Ben came to get ski passes too.  Ken talked them into joining them for the day.  The kids were thrilled that their friend Jonah would be joining them.  And I think Ken enjoyed having a buddy too. :) 

Christmas with Family

I love Christmas!  I love everything about it.  I love focusing on the birth of the Savior.  The word "love" doesn't seem sufficient for my feelings for Him.  I honor Him.  I revere Him.  I praise Him.  I am eternally grateful for His love and His everlasting atonement.  I also love the symbolism of the many Christmas traditions we participate in.  I love giving gifts to loved ones.  I love singing and listening to beautiful Christmas music.  And I LOVE being with family!

We attended Christmas Eve Mass with Holly and her family.  It was a lovely service where Cooper and Peyton liked adding straw to the manger in preparation for Jesus' birth.  Holly made us a delicious dinner and we had the opportunity to take family pictures.

The next morning we opening gifts with our little family at home.  We were blessed with a beautiful softly snow that added to the peace of the morning.  That afternoon we hosted the rest of the clan for Christmas dinner, more gift exchanges, and a game night.  We are so blessed to have family nearby!

My little performers :)

It has been so fun attending all my kids fabulous performances.

Peyton participated in her 1st grade program and was chosen to have a speaking part and a small ensemble song.  She loved being up on the stage!

This year Morgan has chosen to do drama club.  I know I am totally biased, but she totally lit up the stage when she performed in her group's one act play.  She is currently in rehearsals for her middle school musical.  She was the only 6th grader to get one of the leads.  She enjoys working with friends to prepare to perform.

She was asked for her autograph. :)
The cast
With friends, Misha and Emily
Morgan is also learning the French Horn and is enjoying playing in the band.  She was also able to sing in the choir for a quarter.  We love that music is so important to her.

Trevor is participating in the before school elementary choir.  He says he doesn't like it very much, but his singing the songs all the time says otherwise. :)  Cathy Keller, the choir teacher, is a good friend of ours and she asked Ken to accompany for the concerts.

Take Note adventures

Take Note has been a wonderful adventure.  I so love singing with my dear friends.  In the last few years we have had more opportunities to perform at a variety of events.  This fall was probably our busiest yet!  We were hired to sing for the Red Hat Society, and for several fundraisers for church and political groups. 

Here we are singing at the Broomfield GOP Lincoln Dinner... 

Take Note also sang for many events for Christmas.  We sang for a large crowd at the Longmont Lights festival.  We love the opportunity to serve in some small way as we visit nursing homes to sing for and visit with the residents there.

Take Note with Donna (from Alta Vita)
In the next several weeks we will participate in the Greeley Jazz Festival.  I am excited (and a little bit nervous) to sing and be adjudicated.  Then just a week after that, we will begin with our "Sounds of America" program at nursing homes and our concert that we will do at the stake center.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Thanksgiving Break

It was such a treat to have the Allreds with us for Thanksgiving!  We had a wonderful time (other than Trevor's little trip to the ER).  On Thanksgiving day we had Holly and her family join us for dinner.  It was quite the feast, I must say.  It was just so great being all together. 

The day after Thanksgiving we decided to go to the zoo.  It was nice to get the kids out of the house and it was a fun activity for everyone!  The day started our a little grey, but ended up being beautiful.  It also was a great place to take family pictures for the Allreds.

Such a fun day!

My favorite of the family pictures we got: