Sunday, April 7, 2013

My little performers :)

It has been so fun attending all my kids fabulous performances.

Peyton participated in her 1st grade program and was chosen to have a speaking part and a small ensemble song.  She loved being up on the stage!

This year Morgan has chosen to do drama club.  I know I am totally biased, but she totally lit up the stage when she performed in her group's one act play.  She is currently in rehearsals for her middle school musical.  She was the only 6th grader to get one of the leads.  She enjoys working with friends to prepare to perform.

She was asked for her autograph. :)
The cast
With friends, Misha and Emily
Morgan is also learning the French Horn and is enjoying playing in the band.  She was also able to sing in the choir for a quarter.  We love that music is so important to her.

Trevor is participating in the before school elementary choir.  He says he doesn't like it very much, but his singing the songs all the time says otherwise. :)  Cathy Keller, the choir teacher, is a good friend of ours and she asked Ken to accompany for the concerts.

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