Monday, May 28, 2012

Art Show

So glad that my children seem to have a lot more artistic ability than me!  Both Morgan and Trevor had work that was selected to be in the school district art show.  Morgan had a ceramic pig and Trevor had a mixed media of some aspens chosen by their art teacher, Mr. Spong.  It was fun to go see the big display in the Longmont Mall. 

Green Belt!

Last summer Morgan and Trevor took a karate camp and I was excited when Trevor decided to stick with it.  I had really been hoping to find something that would help him focus.  He has so much energy that he can be pretty crazy -- he simply cannot hold his body still!  Karate taught him to "focus your mind, focus your eyes, and focus your body!"  This is exactly what Trevor needed!  I also really like the emphasis that was put on work ethic, respect, doing your best and helping others.

Throughout the months I was really pleased at Trevor's improvement!  He advanced from white belt and, after an all day camp earlier this month, was able to test for his green belt.  We were so proud that he stuck with it and love the new skills he has learned.  Now that he is a green belt, he is in the intermediate class he gets to work with weapons (is this really a good idea?) and the skills he is working on are becoming more advanced. 

I am really proud of all of his hard work!

Breaking a board to test for his green belt.

Home Run!

Morgan is playing softball again this year and having a grand time doing it!  Many of the girls she played with last year are on her team again.  We love spending the beautiful Colorado evenings cheering on her team, the Carbon Valley Crushers.  The girls have some great coaches and so far are undefeated.

A few weeks ago was Morgan's first game and she hit a HOME RUN off the pitch.  Ken and I were chatting during the game and cheered loudly when a girl got a great hit that sailed past the shortstop and into the center outfield.  It wasn't until she rounded the bases that we realized it was Morgan!  Amazing!  For her home run effort she earned the game ball.  So cool! 

Of course we knew we had to celebrate and we went out for ice cream at Good Times.  Knowing that "if Morgan hits a homer, we go out for ice cream" has inspired louder cheering from her brothers and sister in the bleachers when she is up at bat.  :)

Way to go Morgan!!!

Easter Chicks

After surprising the kids with Easter chicks a couple of years ago, the kids BEGGED to get chicks again.  I wasn't able to plan ahead enough to get the chicks and surprise them, but we did tell them we were on a surprise adventure and we ended up at the farm supply store.  It was fun to hear them guess all the way there where we were headed and when they finally figured it out, they were thrilled that they would get to pick out their own chick.

It was fun to have the chicks at home for almost 2 weeks before we took them to live in the Adamson's chicken coop.  It is amazing how quickly they get bigger.  I never really got around to taking pictures, but I remembered to get some pictures just before the chicks moved into their new digs.
Peyton with her chick she named "Sparkles" (of course).
Cooper with his chick named "Chicky mo-mo".