Monday, May 28, 2012

Easter Chicks

After surprising the kids with Easter chicks a couple of years ago, the kids BEGGED to get chicks again.  I wasn't able to plan ahead enough to get the chicks and surprise them, but we did tell them we were on a surprise adventure and we ended up at the farm supply store.  It was fun to hear them guess all the way there where we were headed and when they finally figured it out, they were thrilled that they would get to pick out their own chick.

It was fun to have the chicks at home for almost 2 weeks before we took them to live in the Adamson's chicken coop.  It is amazing how quickly they get bigger.  I never really got around to taking pictures, but I remembered to get some pictures just before the chicks moved into their new digs.
Peyton with her chick she named "Sparkles" (of course).
Cooper with his chick named "Chicky mo-mo".

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