Monday, May 28, 2012

Green Belt!

Last summer Morgan and Trevor took a karate camp and I was excited when Trevor decided to stick with it.  I had really been hoping to find something that would help him focus.  He has so much energy that he can be pretty crazy -- he simply cannot hold his body still!  Karate taught him to "focus your mind, focus your eyes, and focus your body!"  This is exactly what Trevor needed!  I also really like the emphasis that was put on work ethic, respect, doing your best and helping others.

Throughout the months I was really pleased at Trevor's improvement!  He advanced from white belt and, after an all day camp earlier this month, was able to test for his green belt.  We were so proud that he stuck with it and love the new skills he has learned.  Now that he is a green belt, he is in the intermediate class he gets to work with weapons (is this really a good idea?) and the skills he is working on are becoming more advanced. 

I am really proud of all of his hard work!

Breaking a board to test for his green belt.

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