Tuesday, June 5, 2012


 At back to school clear back last August, I saw Cathy Keller, the music teacher, at school and she mentioned that she was thinking about doing musical with the choir kids this year.  I promptly said I would love to help her.  So a few months later she sent me some plays that we could choose from.  All were simplified musicals for the 4th-8th grade range.  We both had Thwacked as our first choice -- a Chicken Little story (but with frogs) with a bit of Beauty and the Beast all mashed up into one story.

We held auditions in February and got a great turnout.  Since I was helping to direct, I got special permission for Trevor to be in the cast as a townsperson, even though he was only in 2nd grade.  Morgan was cast as Tinker, a tailor who comes across a frog that claims that the sky is falling.  She even had a few lines of solo singing parts. 

We rehearsed every week and the kids really seemed to enjoy the process of learning the songs, choreography, and (eventually) their lines.  It was fun being around the students and to dust off my old choir teacher hat.  What a great group of kids!  I also absolutely loved working closely with Cathy and Stacy, another mom who had volunteered as well.  I'm not sure if we had more fun or the kids. :)

The week of the performance was quite stressful with many of the kids still having trouble with their lines. Also the school has only a makeshift stage and so the set and sound were a bit of a challenge.  But so many teachers and parents pulled together to help get it ready.

The night of the performance everyone really came together!  The kids made it the best time they had ever done it.  I was so proud of all of their effort!  I was especially proud of Morgan who did such a great job on her part.  I was backstage running the curtain and helping with lines, so I didn't get any pictures of the musical.  A little too much on my plate to think about pictures.  Luckily Ken snapped a few pictures and videos with his cell phone.  I also snagged some from my friend Kris.  Her son Zach is one of Morgan's BFFs and they had a blast doing the play together.

It was a great experience and both all the kids can't wait to do another play!

After the play with Cathy, Morgan, Trevor and Zach.

Morgan and Zach

Solving the mystery of the falling sky.

Final Bow

Friday, June 1, 2012

Romney Rally Take 2

A few weeks ago I was on facebook and saw a notice that Mitt Romney would be in Ft. Lupton, CO.  I was amazed that he would be coming to give a speech just a few minutes from where I live.  I immediately texted my political friend, Kris, and asked if she wanted to join me.  When I mentioned that I was going the next morning to a Mitt Rally, Morgan and Trevor got really excited and wanted to go with me and then Kris' kids wanted to go too.  (I didn't, however want to bring Cooper even thought he kept saying, "I want to see Mitt Romney!")  We made plans for the next morning and Kris picked us up about about 8:00am. 

It was a glorious Colorado morning with even a hot air balloon floating overhead.  We arrived at the rally location which was at a local oil and natural gas company that was seriously only 5 minutes south of my house.  We parked and walked down to what appeared the middle of a field.  We all had to go through a security line where the secret security checked us out.  The kids thought that was pretty cool to be wanded down by secret service. :)



I had brought a sign that I had made that said "America's C.E.O.  Romney 2012".  Well my sign got a bit of attention, that and the fact that we had the kids with us instead of at school. Some reporter from a Denver radio station came over and interviewed me about why I supported Romney. Not sure if the interview ever made it on the air, but it was a cool experience and I think I did a good job articulating why I believe Mitt would make a great president (proven track record of turning enterprises around). 

Interview with KOA radio.
The speech was mostly on energy policy and using the resources we have in our country.  Mostly what I see as common sense policy.  We can still be a good steward of our resources and our planet while cutting back and updating regulations.  I also love Mitt's obvious optimism and love of our country.  I thought it was a great speech and it was a treat to hear him in person again.


Kris and Bryce were excited to be listen to Mitt.
We were close enough that both Morgan and Trevor were able to shake his hand.  They were pretty jazzed that they had missed school and got to see the next president of the United States.  What a cool memory!!!

Love the secret service and bomb dog checking out the field.

My Ballerina Girl

This school year Peyton once again decided to take tap and ballet dance class.  Her decision making process went like this.

Me:  Peyton what would you like to do this year, soccer or dance?
Peyton:  I think I'll try soccer.
Me: Okay. I'll sign you up for soccer.
Peyton:  Wait a minute!  Is there a performance with soccer?!?
Me:  No, not really.  You will have games, but not really a big recital.
Peyton:  Not on the stage?!?  Then I will do dance!

That conversation still cracks me up when I think about it!  It is just so Peyton!  So it was decided.  She would take dance because she wanted to perform on "the big stage".  (Truth be told, I totally understand where she is coming from.)  She got to be in the same class as her friends Kyla and Ella from preschool and Aspen from her kindergarten class.  Ms. Shannon, her teacher, was new to the rec. center, but we totally came to love her and how dedicated she was to her students.

Peyton wasn't thrilled every week when she went, but she was super pumped for the recital!  I couldn't have been more proud -- she did a fantastic job!  (I however was a lame mom and forgot to charge my real camera.  Boo!  So instead of good pictures, I had to rely on my cell phone.  Okay. Lesson learned!)  I think she was a great leader in her class and felt really confident of the routine for both of the dances.  Her ballet was to "I See a Princess" and the tap routine was to "Singing in the Rain." 

Way to go Peyton!!!

After the recital!

I See a Princess

Singing in the Rain