Friday, June 1, 2012

My Ballerina Girl

This school year Peyton once again decided to take tap and ballet dance class.  Her decision making process went like this.

Me:  Peyton what would you like to do this year, soccer or dance?
Peyton:  I think I'll try soccer.
Me: Okay. I'll sign you up for soccer.
Peyton:  Wait a minute!  Is there a performance with soccer?!?
Me:  No, not really.  You will have games, but not really a big recital.
Peyton:  Not on the stage?!?  Then I will do dance!

That conversation still cracks me up when I think about it!  It is just so Peyton!  So it was decided.  She would take dance because she wanted to perform on "the big stage".  (Truth be told, I totally understand where she is coming from.)  She got to be in the same class as her friends Kyla and Ella from preschool and Aspen from her kindergarten class.  Ms. Shannon, her teacher, was new to the rec. center, but we totally came to love her and how dedicated she was to her students.

Peyton wasn't thrilled every week when she went, but she was super pumped for the recital!  I couldn't have been more proud -- she did a fantastic job!  (I however was a lame mom and forgot to charge my real camera.  Boo!  So instead of good pictures, I had to rely on my cell phone.  Okay. Lesson learned!)  I think she was a great leader in her class and felt really confident of the routine for both of the dances.  Her ballet was to "I See a Princess" and the tap routine was to "Singing in the Rain." 

Way to go Peyton!!!

After the recital!

I See a Princess

Singing in the Rain

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