Friday, June 1, 2012

Romney Rally Take 2

A few weeks ago I was on facebook and saw a notice that Mitt Romney would be in Ft. Lupton, CO.  I was amazed that he would be coming to give a speech just a few minutes from where I live.  I immediately texted my political friend, Kris, and asked if she wanted to join me.  When I mentioned that I was going the next morning to a Mitt Rally, Morgan and Trevor got really excited and wanted to go with me and then Kris' kids wanted to go too.  (I didn't, however want to bring Cooper even thought he kept saying, "I want to see Mitt Romney!")  We made plans for the next morning and Kris picked us up about about 8:00am. 

It was a glorious Colorado morning with even a hot air balloon floating overhead.  We arrived at the rally location which was at a local oil and natural gas company that was seriously only 5 minutes south of my house.  We parked and walked down to what appeared the middle of a field.  We all had to go through a security line where the secret security checked us out.  The kids thought that was pretty cool to be wanded down by secret service. :)



I had brought a sign that I had made that said "America's C.E.O.  Romney 2012".  Well my sign got a bit of attention, that and the fact that we had the kids with us instead of at school. Some reporter from a Denver radio station came over and interviewed me about why I supported Romney. Not sure if the interview ever made it on the air, but it was a cool experience and I think I did a good job articulating why I believe Mitt would make a great president (proven track record of turning enterprises around). 

Interview with KOA radio.
The speech was mostly on energy policy and using the resources we have in our country.  Mostly what I see as common sense policy.  We can still be a good steward of our resources and our planet while cutting back and updating regulations.  I also love Mitt's obvious optimism and love of our country.  I thought it was a great speech and it was a treat to hear him in person again.


Kris and Bryce were excited to be listen to Mitt.
We were close enough that both Morgan and Trevor were able to shake his hand.  They were pretty jazzed that they had missed school and got to see the next president of the United States.  What a cool memory!!!

Love the secret service and bomb dog checking out the field.

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