Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Real Group

Last week we had the opportunity, nay, the PRIVILEGE of the seeing The Real Group in concert up at the Greeley Jazz Festival.  I have loved this Swedish acapella group since being introduced to them by Dr. Broomhead at BYU some 15 years ago.  A few years ago we took on their arrangement of Chili con Carne in Take Note and my love affair with them grew.

The Real Group doesn't perform in the United States very often so I wasn't about to miss this concert only 45 minutes away.  It was on book club night, but I couldn't miss it!  I was glad that Ken, who had just gotten home a few minutes before from Washington DC, decided at the last minute to join me.

From the first chord they sang I was completely blown away!  It was so locked in and in tune!  Their range and tone made such an amazing palate of colors they could use.  They seamlessly sang many different styles; jazz, pop, rock, contemporary, and classical.  Some of their songs were incredibly innovative and I kept thinking "how did they come up with that?!?"  But most of all, their skill and musicianship was probably the best I have ever heard live.  It was like a 90 minute orgasm in my ears. Really.

So you can all enjoy some of the The Real Group, I am including a You Tube video of them singing the song they sang for their second encore.  Freaking AMAZING!

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Carolyn Turner said...

So I finally took the time to listen to The Real Group. Now I am kicking myself I didn't make more of an effort to go to the concert. AMAZING!