Thursday, February 5, 2009


I love that my children, despite looking quite similar, are so very different. It is especially fun to watch the differences between my girls, Morgan and Peyton. Morgan is such an interesting mix. She has always gotten along really well with both boys and girls, but she doesn't really like to do the girly activities. No dolls, barbies, princesses, or pink for her. I remember the time when she didn't want to go to a "Princess Party" and would only go if she did NOT have to dress up like a princess.

Peyton is totally different. Pink is her absolute favorite color. Seriously, it borders on an obsession. She is a great mommy to all her dolls. She was thrilled to get her first pink Barbie doll at Christmas. She loves dressing up with her friends and has even been known to put on a princess dress a time or two.

So I guess I should not have been surprised at the difference when Peyton got a hold of a red marker the other night. I immediately thought of Morgan and the war-paint look she created for herself a couple of years ago.

Peyton had a different approach. In fact, I found out she had the red marker because she was asking for my help. She had "painted" her left hand fingernails and now needed help on her right hand to complete the task. Of course I helped her finish the job before taking away the marker. I have laughed and laughed about this experience and it made me love both of my beautiful daughters even more.


Tirsa said...

Love it. Bella is like your Peyton!

mom said...

Oh my dolly grand-girls! What a thotful observation, Mom. Red fingernail polish, indeed. That cute little pigtail-diva is soon to be 3!

love, grandma