Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's debatable...

Last night we tuned in for the Democratic debate. Interesting format with the youtube questions. In some ways it seemed a little more accessible and the questions were asked in an interesting way. Some questions were rather silly while some were a little more straight forward than your polished journalist question. A good idea to get people more involved in the political process.

There were some good answers, but overall I was not all that impressed. I have been wondering more about Obama (and I will probably still do more homework on the guy) but he seemed inexperienced. In fact, I realize that I am wary of any candidate that has not had executive experience. I find myself very disappointed in the "I am a very moral and religious person, but I won't inflict my personal beliefs on anyone else" kind of response. Truth is not relative. There is right and wrong and people should try to live their best accordingly. I guess that is just one of the reasons I have republican leanings. I feel like most of the GOP candidates try to stand up for what they believe in, even if the stand is not exactly popular.

Mitt Romney in '08!

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mom said...

Well, we discussed this over the phone already -- tells you what a blog dummy I am... forgot to go to your link.... I thot the link would come to ME!! S L O W L Y, w/ the help of my children, I'm pulling into the 21st century!

But Hilary doesn't scare me like she does some people -- we all have our anal side; Obama's inexperience DOES scare me.... how would he do 8 months into his presidency w/ a 9/11 (or worse) on his hands? Hilary's hair, makeup & outfit were perfection. (Should my comments stop there to illustrate just how much depth I DON't have???)

Love you -- hope Montana is as much fun as ever this weekend. Pls send photos.


p.s. I really liked the format of the debate w/ the U-tube questions.