Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cyle's visit...

I adore my youngest brother Cyle. In April he came to town to go snowboarding for a couple of days. I was able to go down to Denver and pick him up from his friend's place so he could visit us. On our way home we drove by the zoo and decided to stop for a few hours. What a serendipity! We all loved the beautiful day and Peyton and Cooper loved checking out the animals, the carousel, and eating ice cream.

We got home just in time to get Morgan and Trevor from school, pick up Ken, and head to the bowling alley. It was a blast. The kids, especially Morgan were really starting to get the hang of it. She even got a couple of strikes!

We then spent the evening relaxing, talking, and watching movies. I was so sad to take Cyle to the airport the next morning. The visit was too short, but tons of fun. We can't wait for uncle Cyle to visit again!

The "Coopers" on the zoo carousel.

Peyton loved riding the polar bear.

Checking out the giraffes.


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