Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Peyton is FIVE!

It is amazing how quickly 5 years can pass by! It is hard to believe that Peyton is now 5 years old. To celebrate this year she chose to have a "Pinkalicious" birthday party with her friends dressed in pink. It was great fun. We read Pinkalicious, decorated pink tiaras, painted fingernail with pink glitter polish, played games, danced to princess songs, and decorated pink cupcakes. Peyton had so much fun and it was a treat to have her fun friends over for the afternoon.

Listening to Pinkalicious.

Everyone has beautiful, pink fingernails...

Playing games...

Here are some interesting facts about Peyton at 5 years-old:
1) She will talk to anyone. All it takes is for someone at a store, for example, to ask her a question or say how cute Cooper is and she will tell them her life story. She is quite a prolific conversationalist.
2) Peyton has so much fun at preschool and loves her classmates and her teacher, Ms. Wendy.
3) She continues to enjoy her ballet/tap dance class.
4) She prefers dresses and skirts to pants.

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Jen said...

I love that you took time to snap some lovely photos in the middle of running a birthday party. What a great group of pink ladies!