Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Adair Family Reunion 2011

We were so excited for the Adair Family Reunion that took place in Durango, CO over 4th of July weekend! It is always a great time with tons of aunts, uncles, and cousins. I especially look forward to hanging out with my awesome cousins and it is so fun now watching our kids play together.

Our drive down to Durango was breathtaking and the scenery as we drove down the middle of the state was gorgeous! Makes me so grateful for the beautiful state we live in. It was without incident until just over an hour to our destination and then Trevor threw-up. Poor guy! Makes me also grateful for leather seats and lysol wipes! We finally got my cousin, Lauren's, home where we would be staying. The younger generation, ie. those that had young children, stayed at Lauren's while the older generation stayed at my Aunt Fay's house. It made for some tight quarters, but it was even more fun being all together and talking late into the night.

On Friday, those of us that had arrived, to a trek to Bluff, UT and the nearby San Juan Hill. San Juan Hill was the last big hurdle of the pioneers of the Hole-in-the-Rock expedition. It is amazing to see where the wagon wheel ruts are still in the rock and see where the pioneers carved "We thank thee oh God" into the rock face. After hiking to the top, you can't but wonder how they did it with covered wagons! We then went a little further down the river to explore some Native American cliff dwellings. Before heading back to Durango we toured the visitors center at Bluff Fort. It was a day that made me reflect on our family's heritage. What a great activity for a FAMILY reunion!

Saturday started out with a delicious waffle breakfast. Of course we had to have plenty of energy so that we could have another great expedition and floating down the river fit the bill perfectly! The sun was shining and the water was cold; a great combination! Then after cleaning up and a quick rest we headed our to the Bar D for some great food and great entertainment.

Sunday we almost doubled the size of Aunt Fay and Uncle Jack's ward. :) It was wonderful to partake of the Sacrament and to feel the Spirit. After church we had a barbeque and had time for all of us (close to 50!) to visit. We spent much of the afternoon and into the evening talking, playing a killer game of kickball, taking a family picture, eating popsicles, and celebrating Jessie and Cody's upcoming wedding. Of course there were tears and hugs when we had to say goodbye. We are a crazy crew, but there is nothing that feels as good as being with family.

On Monday we headed out to my grandparent's old ranch. My uncle Ken and his wife, Julie, now live there and they were kind enough to have us out for some shooting and lunch. Uncle Ken has great stories, cowboy puzzles, and he is always fun to be around. I was sad to leave and start the journey home. I am already looking forward to our next reunion in the summer of 2013! I love my family!!!

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