Monday, February 20, 2012


I have a horrible addiction. No kidding. I think I might need some sort of 12-step program. I am addicted to Presidential politics. Seriously. I'm some sort of junkie. I spent hours every day reading all sorts of articles and looking at the latest polls. I look forward to every debate and election coverage like it's Christmas or something. I continually tell myself that my time would be better spent doing other things, but I can't seem to help it. There have been many things where I say I just can't get into another thing until until November, or at least until the primary is over. Pathetic? I know.

I think this all stems from a great love and concern for our country. Being raised in a military and religious family has really shaped how I look at the world. I truly believe that the United States of America is a blessed land and that the constitution is a document inspired of God. Our freedoms our given to us by that same God. Have we as a nation always been perfect? No, but overall I think we do try to do what is right.

The last few elections have really brought to the forefront for me that this land that I love is heading in the wrong direction. We continue to move farther away from God and His commandments in the false illusion of freedom. You don't want to be held responsible for an unplanned pregnancy? Don't worry. You can have an abortion. If you think the ideal family has a mom and a dad; you are intolerant. If you speak out and advocate Biblical principles; you engage in "hate speech".

It seems more and more that people are trading in their trust in God for a trust in government. History has shown that is not the smartest idea. I am not advocating anarchy. We do need a limited government, but the majority of the power needs to stay with the people. With the liberal ideology in the White House, I feel government has gotten bigger and more intrusive. I think this whole contraceptive debacle is a smoke screen for the larger issue at hand. Government is trying to impose on religious liberty and limit religious people from being able to believe and act according to the dictates of our conscience. This is a slippery slope and frankly one that makes me nervous.

What has happened to personal responsibility? Individuals should do their best to take care of themselves. Is it crazy that I think most people should try to plan ahead, get educated so they can provide for their families, and be responsible for with their resources? Individuals and churches need to care for the "least of these", the poor, sick, and hungry. I think in giving this command, God wants to change our heart to be more charitable just as much as He wants to take care of the less fortunate. As we depend on government to care for the sick and poor, we remove that responsibility from ourselves and we don't learn to serve our fellow man as much. (Besides, I think that better and more efficient care would better available at a local level.)

I want to elect a President that will help foster an atmosphere of responsibility and keeping the federal government focused on its enumerated powers. One that can help create a positive environment for business so people can work and support their families. One that will be a good steward of our resources. One that sees our nation and her people as inherently good.

We are heading down a dangerous road and complacency can no longer be the order of the day. We need to get involved. We can't just complain from afar. Please vote.


xoxo --c. said...

That's my Girl! Passionate abt something worth being passionate about!

Today Oklahoma is part of the great Super Tuesday -- Dad and I have both been to the poles.....Go Mitt!!!!

alison said...

All I can do is laugh at your 'admission' because we had figured this out during the last presidential race. :) If only more people were passionate about the fate of our nation.

shelly said...

I appreciate your insights and I agree with Alison also (on both points- lol). I agree that Mitt is the only man running that I can see being able to dig us out of this hole that has been created over many years (especially the last 3!!!).

On a personal note- I would LOVE to see you run for Mayor of Firestone.... just saying. :)