Sunday, October 6, 2013

Twice as Nice (More DC)

After visiting Gettysburg on Saturday, we headed got in the car and headed back down to Washington DC.  I was so excited because we arranged for my wonderful friend Celia to come down to DC while we were there AND she was coming with her new boyfriend, Travis.  I was really looking forward to meeting him and spending some time with my dear friend.  We arrived in the city and checked into our hotel.  While I arranged to meet Celia and Travis, Ken returned the rental car.  I walked the few blocks down to the Lafayette Park just north of the White House drinking in the beautiful evening. Celia and Travis had gotten to town earlier that day and had spent the day taking in some of the sights and I was to meet them there.

It was so great to see Celia again and Travis is super nice!  We took pics in front of the White House waiting for Ken.  He was able to meet us shortly afterward.  We decided to wander up to Georgetown for dinner and some people watching.  It was so fun wandering the streets while we decided on a place to eat.  We ended up at the delicious Italian restaurant that Ken had taken me to the last time I accompanied him to DC.  We chatted the night away over yummy food.  It was such a treat getting to know Travis.  After dinner we walked a bit more and came up with a plan for the following day before saying goodnight and heading back to our hotels.

That Sunday Celia and Travis opted to visit The Smithsonian while Ken and I wanted to visit the Archives.  Maybe I'm just a silly girl, but it I LOVE visiting the Archives.  I have such a reverence for our founding documents and to see them in person is thrilling to me.  I have to say that I got a little teary-eyed while seeing/reading the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  I have such a love for our country and seeing the documents that were created in the founders quest for a "more perfect union" was very emotional for me.  My heart was filled with so much gratitude! 

We arranged to meet for lunch at the Old Post Office Tower and then tour the tower.  Luckily the weather was much clearer than the first time we went up and we were able to see the city much better.  After the tower, we were running out of time before our flight so we parted ways as Celia and Travis were renting some bicycles to tour the mall.  It was hard, as always, to say goodbye to my friend.

We walked around the city a bit more as we wandered back to our hotel to pick up our bags before heading to the airport.  Our flight was easy breezy and we stopped off for a quick bite of dinner on the way home.  We didn't want our get-away to end just quite yet.  We were so thankful to our wonderful friend, the Briggs, for watching our kiddos while we got to spend time together.  It was great to have that time with Ken and we felt refreshed coming home.  Can't wait for our next trip together!


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