Monday, September 22, 2008

We had a blast...

Last Friday night IBM hosted a family night at Elitch Gardens. We invited Ken's sister family to join us for the evening and we had so much fun! Everything is better when we are with the cousins. It was an absolutely perfect Colorado evening, with temps in the 70s, a beautiful sunset, and a delicious breeze. Since IBM had rented out the park, there were hardly any lines. Even the major roller coasters, we waited less than 5 minutes or walked right on. However, that does give you a little less time for working up your nerve. :)

Morgan had grown a few inches since the last time we were there. She was tall enough to join me and be my roller coaster buddy. (Ken was so nice to me and watched Peyton so we could go the roller coasters.) I was really impressed with Morgan's fearlessness. She totally loved her first upside down ride, The Boomerang. She also went with me on the Tower of Doom, one of those free fall rides. That kind always makes me a little nervous, but she said that ride was her favorite.

By 10:00that night we were all pretty tired, but we had a lot of great memories! I can't wait to go back again.

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