Sunday, December 5, 2010

Full of Thanksgiving (and turkey)

I love this time of year where I get to spend time thinking about my many blessings. When I do, I know that Heavenly Father has truly blessed me and my family. I believe that when we have an "attitude of gratitude" our hearts are changed and we recognize the abundance that we have been blessed with.

We had some wonderful options, but we decided to stay close to home for Thanksgiving. Ken's sister invited us down for a glorious feast with some of Brian's family. It was a wonderful celebration! We even stayed the night and attended the temple the next morning while Holly watched our kiddos. We then took all the kids to an afternoon showing of Tangled (so cute!) and then headed back home for a awesome leftover dinner. The kids were having such a great time with their cousins so we decided to get in some playing too and challenged Brian and Holly to a game of canasta. They killed us the first hand, but then we came back big time. We always have a blast playing games with them. It was great to have a mini-vacation and as usual, the Wenhams were the perfect hosts!

The rest of the weekend we were able to get up some Christmas decorations and spend some time together. We watched the BYU/Utah game (missed it by that much!) and I was able to sing a duet with Sarah McFadden for church on Sunday. I was so glad that she asked me and it was fantastic getting to sing with her. I was nervous because I came down with quite the chest cold and was having horrible coughing fits. I kept praying that I would be able to get through the song and be able to help invite the spirit. I think we did that.

Gratitude 2010
- my family
- my incredible husband, Ken
- watching my children learn and grow
- wonderful friends
- family nearby
- sharing the gift of music
- our comfortable home
- the free nation we live in
- being able to worship as we choose
- the gospel of Jesus Christ

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