Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Morgan is 10!

Blink. And my first baby is 10 years old. It happened so fast!

We kept Morgan's birthday pretty low-key; pizza, cake, wii games, and a movie. She had about 10 friends over and then a few of the girls were able to spend the night. I enjoyed watching her be around her friends and, as a parent, I am glad she has made some good choices as far as friends.

As Morgan turns 10...
Her best friends are: Kendall, Tiffany, Hunter, and Zach.
She loves playing four square, volleyball, and basketball.
She participates in choir, Mesa, and GT at school.
She thinks Activity Days at church is pretty fun.
She gets really good grades.
She is addicted to computer and video games.
She is a great big sister, especially to Cooper.
She has a developing sense of humor and has tons of personality.

We love her and is so grateful she is in our family! Happy 10th birthday, Morgan!

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