Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pinewood Derby #1

Ever since becoming a Cub Scout last fall, Trevor has looked forward to the Pinewood Derby. (And I'm pretty sure Ken has been looking forward to it as well.) Trevor took great pride in doing as much of the work as possible. Whenever Ken or myself tried to help, he would remind us that HE was supposed to be doing it. I was really impressed with his dedication as he shaped, sanded, painted, and decorated his car.

The rules for the car rules state that it can't be any more than 5.0 ounces. They must have planned it perfectly (or had amazing luck) because when they put it on the scale, it weighed 5.000 ounces. Pretty amazing!

The day of the big race arrived and we went to the church for the event. Trevor's car did not do as well as we had hoped. He came in 16th out of 19. (Ken was totally trying to figure what they had done wrong and revamping the strategy for next year.) I was concerned that Trev would be disappointed, but he was so caught up with the thrill of racing a car that HE had built, he didn't even seem to notice what place he had come in. I so loved that about him! All the boys had a great time and so did the families that were there to cheer them on.

Until next year...

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