Friday, March 30, 2012


For the last several months I have been bugged by all the STUFF in my house. I had been wanted to declutter and streamline my home. It is a bit tricky sometimes because Ken and I have very different approaches to the stuff issue. I think having to move every couple years while I was growing up taught me that the stuff wasn't the really important stuff. Ken spent most of his growing up in one house and got to keep most of what he wanted. I think it is this a bit problematic as we try to reach an agreement on what is important to have in our home.

Well anyway, decluttering and rethinking my house was not for the faint of heart, so of course, I called my mom. I also suspected that I might need some tough love myself when it came to getting rid of things. :) She was able to come in mid-February after first having to turn around due to a blizzard across the panhandle. Luckily she was able to make it the next day.

Once she got here, we started tackling different areas in the house. We rethought other areas, especially that paper pile area on my kitchen counter and computer. (I swear, papers are the bane of my household organization!) We found a bookshelf on sale at Target and great organizing baskets at Target and Marshalls. Then we found a few accessories. Not too many, I was way more interested in getting rid of things rather than adding to the amount in my house. We did find an owl that was so cute, I didn't even TRY to resist. Everytime I look at him, he just makes me SO happy!

We got rid of a ton of stuff! It felt so good! There is something so cleansing and freeing to release so many unused things. I gathered baby items to pass off to my brother and his wife (they are expecting their first baby this summer). I had a big box of books that I took to the used bookstore. We also had bags and bags of junk to throw out.

Pretty much my mom is AWESOME. I was so thankful that she was up for this not very fun task. In addition to the manual labor she helped me with, she also sewed on scout patches, did some mending (I never quite get around to that pile), and helped Peyton sew a cute bag. It was so sad when it was time for her to go home. I love being around her so much that our time together never seems quite long enough. :(

I still have many projects to do and more items to purge, but we made great progress. It always seems easier when you have a great working buddy. Thanks mom!!!

The dumping room...

All the stuff ready to be picked up by goodwill.

Peyton's cute bag made from her sewing kit she got for Christmas.

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Erica said...

WOW girl- I am so impressed!!! I could probably do the same thing in my home and wouldn't even know half of it was gone. :)