Friday, July 6, 2012

Flyin' Solo

My parents thought it would be great to spend time with each grandchild one-on-one.  They decided to begin a tradition that the summer a grandchild is 10 years old, they would fly them out to their home, and spend about a week with them.  Since Morgan is the oldest grandchild, she was the first to try this new, grand condition!

The day before school got out Cooper and I were able to take her to the airport, got special passes through security, and took her to the gate.  She was escorted onto the plane and given the royal treatment, even getting to go into the cockpit.  She said she was a little nervous, but her excitement to visit Grandma and Grandpa outweighed her concerns.

While in Oklahoma she
  • got ice cream at Braum's
  • went shoe shopping with Grandpa
  • went to see The Avengers
  • went shooting at Grandpa friend's house
  • had too many happy hours at Sonic
  • went to a graduation
  • helped Grandma host friends for dinner
  • was Grandpa's caddy on the golf course and even got to drive the cart
  • have a blast with her Grandparents!

We were glad that she had such a blast, but it was wonderful having her home again!

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