Wednesday, September 12, 2012

May Recital(s)

As a music teacher, I love when my students get to show off what they have learned and worked on throughout the year.  This May we hosted two different recitals; one for my group class and a combined recital with my voice students and Ken's piano students.

It is fantastic to hear and see the progress that these students had.  And as a mom, I was especially proud of watching my kiddos.  Trevor and Peyton sang with their class and each had the opportunity for a solo.  They sounded great!  Even though Trevor will tell you he hates to sing, that boy sings ALL THE TIME!  Peyton loves to perform and was really excited to have an audience.  Morgan and Trevor both performed on the piano at the combined recital.  (Sadly, I did not get a video of Trevor's song.) They did a great job.

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