Friday, January 11, 2013

New beginnings

 For me there is always something special about the end of summer spent purchasing new school supplies and organizing them.  We attended the kids "back to school" nights and met their teachers.  Peyton has Mrs. Zamudio for first grade (Trevor also had her for first grade) and Trevor has Mrs. Olsen for third grade.

I can't believe that Morgan is starting middle school.  Where has the time flown?!?  She qualified for the advanced core classes and is going to learn the French horn in band.  I'm so excited for her!

Cooper is also going to "preschool" with a group of friends.  It is mostly a playgroup where we spent a few minutes doing an activity with the letter of the day.  The moms take turns teaching for 3 weeks at a time.  He is so excited to be going to school just like the big kids!


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