Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pride Award

During Peyton's birthday week, we got a call from her teacher, Mrs. Zamudio, and she told us that Peyton was receiving an award at school.  Each trimester the school has a Pride Assembly where each teacher selects a student that had shown extraordinary work and behavior throughout that trimester.  Mrs. Zamudio was awarding Peyton (it was a surprise to her) with that honor.

Ken and I attended the assembly and were so proud of all the kids that received awards, but most of all for Peyton and all her hard work.  (It was "pajama day" at school so it was a little funny seeing all the kids getting awards while in their pajamas.)  She has had a wonderful experience in first grade and I am so grateful that our kids get the opportunity of going to a great school!

Congratulations Peyton! 

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