Thursday, May 16, 2013


To me this is the perfect word to describe my Peyton.  She is spunky, full of life, passionate, and can be a bit of a sassy pants.  She can talk to anyone and often is the first to make a new friend when we go somewhere.  She is smart and picks up on things so quickly.  I am so very glad she is in our family!  It is so worth the drama that sometimes swirls around her.

In the beginning of March, Peyton turned 7 years old!  On her actual birthday Ken was able to go to school with her to "watchdog" and deliver birthday treats.  She loved that Ken was able to help in her classroom, play with her and her friends at recess, and eat lunch together in the cafeteria.

The day after her birthday she had her birthday party with her friends.  She opted to have a "rock star" party where they could work on their rock star skills.  We made puffy paint purses and sang and danced like crazy.  The girls had a great time playing the guitars, drums, and singing into the microphones.  I loved watching them busting a move.  We had some great dancers there!  I hope all of Peyton's friends had a fun time.  I know we did!

Happy birthday Miss P!

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