Thursday, January 23, 2014

Gettin' it done

You know THOSE projects?  The ones that won't take very long to do and you have done them a million times in your head, but despite all of your best intentions and brain power, they remain undone.  I have far too many of those to count.  So at the end of April, I enlisted my mom's aid to help me get some of those projects done.  When she comes to visit, I put aside the time, so it seems like it is easier to get things done.

First of all, we dejunked everywhere.  It is so helpful to have another set of eyes and someone to ask, "do you really need or use that?"  We did a lot of shopping, especially at Hobby Lobby.  We bought fabric and make cute organizing boxes for my closet and for Morgan's room.  We made an "art gallery" that makes it really easy to switch out kids art and certificates. We redecorated over my bed and on my dresser. We hung stuff up.  And we did a TON of it!  That may not seem to be a big deal, but it is nice to walk into a room and have it feel finished. 

At the end of the four days we really felt we had accomplished a lot of smaller tasks that had been hanging over me.  Not to mention we got to spend lots of time together and the kids LOVED having grandma around.  She also got to see the dress rehearsal of Morgan's play.  I'm so grateful that my mom would come and be my motivator for a few days!  I love her so much!

Above Morgan's bed. The very sad, before.

Very fun, after.  They are prints of a bunch of her favorite Harry Potter quotes.

My bed.  The after.

Hung up lots in Trev's room.  We were pretty excited to find a way to display all the karate belts he had earned!

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