Thursday, January 23, 2014

Smarty Pants!

We are grateful that (so far) our kids love school and do really well in their studies.  This spring both Morgan and Trevor were recognized for their efforts.

Trevor participated in Grade 13 where he did research and wrote and essay on what he would like to be when he grew up.  He wrote on becoming an engineer because he loves math, science, and inventing things.  He loved to figure out WHY something works.  It is really fun to listen to him as he explains his discoveries.  He was selected as one of the winners and won $100 in scholarship money.

With his teacher, Mrs. Olsen

We were also really proud of Morgan who was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society.  She had to go through an application process where she was evaluated by her grades, school involvement and community service.  We were pleased to see so many of her friends have that recognition as well.

When we were leaving the school there was a little cloudburst passing over.  The light and the rainbow it produced was incredible.  I couldn't resist a few more pictures! :)

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