Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Debate tonight...

Just a quick reminder that there is a You Tube debate tonight at 6:00 (my time) on CNN.

Mitt in '08

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mcojaadams said...

If I had my own blog, it would titled "Holier than thou". As I was watching the YouTube debate my mouth fell open when Gulliani called Romney "Holier than thou" and then accused him of knowingly hiring illegal aliens!

As a member of the church I have been accused of acting holier than thou on a couple of occassion and it just gets my blood boiling. I feel like I have people constantly watching and waiting for me to slip up and make a mistake so they can say "see! you aren't perfect!"

I NEVER SAID I WAS! I wonder if other members experience this from others and how they handle it. I thought Romney did a good job with his rebuttle.

Go Mitt!

I was a little disappointed with his answer to the question "Do you believe EVERY word written in the Holy Bible". I thought Huckabee did an amazing job answering the question. Gulliani - not eve worth commenting on.

Anyway, all this was running through my head at 3:50 am so I thought I'd get it out.

Thanks! ~Jamie