Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Romney meeting...

On Saturday, November 10th we had the opportunity to hear Josh Romney, the son of Mitt and Ann Romney speak at a lunch in Lafayette. We also had the chance to hear congressman Bob Beauprez speak about why he was supporting Romney. He spoke from the point of personally known and having worked with each of the republican candidates. He said one of the "tests" he applied was who he would want as a next door neighbor. He spoke of the Romney family, Mitt's work ethic, and his track record of success. He had some fantastic points.

Josh gave some family insights. My favorite two stories show about his dad's priorities. Josh told of a time when he asked his dad for some money to go to the movies. He joked how that was a big mistake. He said his dad asked for a detailed account of what he needed the money for and then gave him about half the amount he had asked for. He said after that he always went to his mom for money. :) His punchline was how he can't wait for Washington to try and ask his dad for money for some of their pet projects.

Another story Josh shared was when his second child was being born. They were living in Boston at the time and had made arrangements for his mom to watch their oldest daughter when his wife went into labor. Unfortunately, when his wife went into labor, his mom Ann was so sick that she couldn't take care of their little two year old. So he called his dad (who was governor of Mass. at the time) to see if he could help. He said that his dad immediately said he could pick up the little girl (complete with police escort), and take care of her throughout the night, made her a lunch for the next day and dropped her off at the hospital to meet her new sibling. To me that really demonstrates his priorities.


mom said...

GREAT stories! Huckabee making inroads -- go Romney!!


Brandie Lyon said...

Those are some great stories!