Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Things I love...

1. I love that after 11 and a half years of marriage Ken can still leave me light headed and woozy after a good kiss.

2. I love that Trevor still wants to hold my hand when we walk to pick up Morgan at school.

3. I love watching the progress in my voice students and knowing that I am able to help someone reach for their potential!

4. I love listening to Morgan read.

5. I love Peyton's laugh!

6. I love the smell of fresh clean laundry -- too bad I have to fold it all :).

7. I love that I have a friend that would say Absostinkinglutely!

8. I love that I can love so many and so much. I am truly blessed!


Stewart said...

I love checking in on your blog every couple of day or so. I love to see what you and family are doing. I'm so impressed with all you do. Mostly I love you and your family. Can't wait to see you in December @ cye thing. Love Aunt Bon

Micaela said...

Yeah!!! I'm glad someone appreciated that. Loves!