Friday, March 7, 2008

So much love...

I have returned home from Oklahoma; luckily without incident. :) I had a fun and fabulous time with my family, especially my siblings. I think of my love for them often, but I want to write it down and share it. Too often I let these kind of things go unsaid. I love you all!

My sister Codi and I have had our ups and downs over the years, as probably all sisters have. The more we grow up, the more ups we have and the more I enjoy being around her. Maybe it is because we share so many similarities. We both have families of our own and are doing the best we can at being mothers. There is so much I admire about Codi; she is fun to be around, always speaks her mind, is an amazing scriptorian, and has wonderful spiritual reflexes. I am so blessed that she is my sister! We are pretty different in many ways, but we have a great time whenever we get together and I always to forward to the next time we can hang out.

My brother Clint is about one of the coolest people you could ever hang out with. Even when I was a senior in high school I loved it when Clint would hang out with me and my friends. (And more than one of them had crushes on my cute little brother!) One thing is for sure, you will always have a good time when Clint is around. He is very charming and can schmooze with the best of them. He can also be very witty and clever. You always need to be on your toes with Clint. It is sometimes hard to get him to sit still for a "serious conversation", but if you can, it is well worth it. He has such an interesting way of looking at things. You know the things he is sharing are really thought out. He likes to put on a tough front, but on the inside he has such a tender heart -- he has the heart of a peacemaker. He has such amazing potential and I can't wait to see what he chooses to do with it all!

I am so proud of the success Clint is having in the Army. He is heading over to Iraq soon is totally willing to fight for our country. I thank him for his service and courage.

Cyle and I are like matching bookends. Out of all my siblings, I think he and I are the most similar in personality and our view of life (and both BYU grads). I think the world of him and I think he is absolutely amazing! I was so excited and grateful that he came to pick me up from the airport. It was such a treat to get to talk to him during the drive. I could talk to Cyle for hours and hours. He is so easy to be with and is one of those low maintenance people. He knows how to build up those around him and people love to be around him. He is so much stinkin' fun to hang out with! I think growing up with Clint made Cyle develop his talent for a quick comeback. I wish I could talk smack as well as my two little brothers. :) Cyle is organized, knows what he wants, and is willing to work hard to make it a reality. He has had to do some difficult things lately and I impressed with how he has handled them. He has a wonderful reliance and trust in the Lord. He also has an undeviating testimony of the gospel and is willing to share that with others. I am so proud of him and all of his many successes. There are great things in store for him!

So basically I think I have a pretty cool family. I thank God everyday for my dear family; for my incredible parents and my brothers and sister. I look forward to spending eternity with such fantastic people! I am so blessed. (Thanks dad and mom for flying me out to OK!)


Devonna said...

thank you for the instant update. I love you guys and wish so much I was in the middle of it this last week. You have an amazing family, as well as your and Ken's!!! We love you! A. Bon

ThatsKarlWithaK said...

Thanks for letting me "meet" your family. I love to read your thoughtful descriptions and to think of you in the part of a sister. --Jen

Tirsa & Blaine said...

My parents did the same thing to us. I noticed you were all C's. We are all T's (4 of us also).

Corinne said...


How fun to see your family. Its so fun to see who they are! Sounds like you are really blessed to have them (and they you!).


cyle said...

Our family rocks!!! Those were some very true words about us all. But here are some about you.

You pretty much summed it up by saying we are the most alike. So the compliments and characteristics that you stated about me were in many ways a mirror description of yourself.

Carli has such an optimistic look on life and doesn't have time to worry about becoming the best (even though she is) because she is too busy helping others become better. She loves to read and has such a wealth of knowledge and has a consistent desire to have that knowledge grow. Carli is the best mom I have ever seen!!! I can only hope my wife can raise my kids as well as she is doing with hers. Not to mention I hope I can be an amazing and loving father as Ken is.

Well that is it for now but I love Carli so much and so blessed and grateful for her example in my life.

Elizabeth said...

I love these photos, Carli. So fun to admire and love your siblings more and more and grow closer together.

And you are gorgeous, by the way.