Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rah, rah, rah...Go Cougars!

As a second generation Cougar myself, Ken and I are continuing the tradition of Cougar pride. On Saturday we took Morgan and Trevor down to Colorado Springs, along with some great friends and fellow Cougar fans, for their first BYU football game. (Many thanks to Holly and Brian for watching Peyton! We didn't think she would like the game or the cold that much.) We had a blast at the tailgate party, eating, face painting for the kids, and even running into old friends! We even got a picture with Cosmo the Cougar.

It was such a fun game to go to. The weather was great, which was a bit of a gamble with the game in November. It was especially cool having all the neat Air Force traditions to watch like the cadets in formation, the parachuting onto the field, and the super cool fly-over. Our Cougars played a good game and got the win. It was an absolute blast and I think we have a new tradition.

Go Cougars!


Becky said...

That picture of you and Ken is awesome! Love it. Even though we are non-members, so to speak. We too have been to a BYU game down at Air Force. :) Does that mean we can still be friends?!

Brandie Lyon said...

Hey, you want to send me the BYU pics?