Monday, July 20, 2009

Bolder Boulder - Happy Memorial Day!

Myself, I would never pay to run in a race. No thanks. But my wonderful husband enjoys running the Bolder Boulder 10K. Must be the rush of running it with 50,000 other people, or the bands along the route, or hearing the crowd cheer as you run into the stadium. This year, Ken asked his sister Holly to run it with him. We also had our friend Atsuko visiting from Japan that wanted the American experience of running the Bolder Boulder -- it is one of the largest races in the US.

Ken hadn't had the time to train like he would have liked, but I think he still had a good time running it with Atsuko, and even though Holly was not able to run in the same heat with them, she was able to finish within a few minutes of the other two.

I was so glad that Atsuko took her camera. She got some really fun pictures...

After the race, "the cousin's" came over for a BBQ. We always have a good time with the Wenhams! I loved watching some of the ceremonies on TV. Of course I spent a lot of time thinking about my brothers, Clint and Cyle and their service for our country. I am so grateful for this blessed land that we live in and for those that have fought to defend freedom around the world.

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