Monday, July 20, 2009

School Wrap-up

Granted, it is July, but I do want to update my blog/journal with Morgan and Trevor's end of school happenings. It felt like a bit of a whirlwind. Morgan had field day and a end of school picnic and Trevor had his preschool graduation.

The kids seem to look forward to field day all year, especially when the fire department comes and sprays off the whole student body. Atsuko, took Trevor over to watch Morgan compete in the games (okay, I was crashed out on the couch) and Trevor even got to do some of the games. I was so glad Atsuko got some fun pictures of the kids.

The next night, we attended Trevor's preschool graduation at Robyn's nest. He had a great year learning with Ms. Robyn. At graduation he got to present on Jupiter and . Even though we had worked on what he would say, apparently we did not work enough on the presentation aspect. He thought it would be good to hit himself while he talked. Huh?!? In any case it was a nice night and we loved getting to support Trevor on his special night.

On the last day at Prairie Ridge they hold a school picnic with the class and teacher. It was great to visit with Ms. McEvers and see Morgan play with her friends and take some pictures. Ken and I were happy to see how well she was doing in school. She had an awesome report card! We were proud of all of her hard work. Great job Morgan!

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keri said...

Wow! Your family is getting so big!