Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Happy Farmer...

I know every mother feels this way, but I am so proud of Morgan. Just over a year ago she began taking violin lesson from Kris Briggs, a fabulous teacher, and she has come a long way! Besides the music, she has learned some great lessons. It is really a struggle everyday to get her to practice, but I think it is character building. Even though she gets frustrated because "it's hard" it is good that she has to work for it (most things come pretty easily for her). Even then, I think she is making remarkable progress. She is finishing up the Suzuki book 1 and is beginning book 2. I appreciate the time we spend together as I help her practice. I hope one day she will look back and appreciate it as well -- it must stink to have your mom be a music teacher. :)

I took this video about a month ago while she was preparing to pass off this song, "The Happy Farmer." Of course, she played it perfectly until I got out the camera, but she still did a good job. Morgan made me promise that I wouldn't post this on facebook, but she didn't say anything about my blog... Ha ha!

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Angela said...

This totally brings me back to my early violin playing days! Go Morgan! You are doing great!