Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Cooper Boy...

I am not quite sure where the last year went. Safe to say that I didn't spend it blogging. :) Somewhere in the sleepless haze, I remember lots of diapers and picking up messes. In any case, I was busy being a mom. I am glad that I was not so busy to enjoy some of the cute things that Cooper does, especially since he is my last little one.

I love the way Cooper hooks his finger over his nose while he sucks his thumb. Most of the time, rather than crawling, he does this little monkey scoot thing. (I need to get that on video soon because he is doing it less and less now that he is getting more comfortable with walking.) He also has a great belly laugh! On occasion he giggles, but more often than not, he bursts out with a great "HA!" He is so affectionate and gives great kisses and leans his head against you and sighs. This boy gets and gives lots of loves!

On the day he turned one we went to the park (while Morgan was at her violin lesson) and had a little photo shoot. We got some great shots, if I say so myself! Totally a "cuteness overload!"

To celebrate Cooper's first birthday we kept it simple at home. I made cupcakes and Morgan, Trevor, and Peyton helped him blow out is candle. He LOVED his cupcake and I loved his crazy hair after some of the frosting got in it.

Happy first birthday, my Cooper boy!

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KristiKay said...

Well, he is just ADORABLE!!!