Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Take Note video clips

We completed our plethora of Christmas programs at The Vistas nursing home in Longmont where we sang to over 50 people. It can be challenging to adjust some things when going into a new venue, but we are grateful for the opportunity to spread a little Christmas cheer before the holiday. I am going to upload some clips of our performance. If you want to see the full meal deal, go here.

P.S. Apparently not ALL people like Christmas cheer. One home we sang in has a lot of residents that are ill and pretty low functioning. We always make a point after our performances to talk and shake hands with those in the audience. I took one lady's hand only to have her pull it away and then hit me. I must say, that was the first time that had ever happened...

Deck the Halls in 7/8

In the Bleak Midwinter

Jazz Trio

12 Days of Christmas Confusion

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KristiKay said...

Carli! It was so fun to see your singing were all wonderful! What talent! You sound amazing! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!