Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Girl Power

I can't tell you how happy it makes me to sing with these ladies! This spring has been a whirlwind. We recorded a Christmas CD in February so we got a late start on our spring program which we titled "Girl Power." The program takes us on a journey of the phases of a woman's life; from growing up and having some fun, to falling in love, to serving each other and our communities, and especially being mothers. We had a lot of fun (and a few extra rehearsals) trying to put all these songs together. I'm sure they could still use a bit of polish, but I am fairly pleased with where we got with the amount of music we had and the short time we had.

After performances all May I am ready for a little break, but it won't be long before I miss singing (and socializing) with these incredible women. By August I will be ready to go.

The video was taken at our gig on Monday. Sadly it was at a location that had a painfully out of tune piano, but we just roll with the punches. We were also missing Dianne who was very sick. :( Joy and Emily were awesome, filling in for her solo and accompaniment. Hope you enjoy a few of our songs. If you want to see all the songs from our program, you can go here.

Dancing Queen

If Ever I Would Leave You


I Hope You Dance

The Mom Song

I'm a Woman


Dorothy said...

Of course I had to listen to them all! Great job, and I still miss singing with you guys TONS!

The Cox Family said...

I AM A WOMAN!!!! Waaaaahoooo Love this group!