Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Morgan's Choir Concert -- The Soaring Singers!

Morgan's choir concert was last week and she was excited to perform all the songs she has been working on this semester. They performed "I've Been to Harlem", "Al Sholsha D'Varim", "Heal the World", and "Rockin' Robin." Mrs. Keller asked Ken to accompany on a couple of the numbers, but he didn't get the music until that day. Lucky for the choir, Ken is amazing and the songs went off without a hitch despite it being the first, and only, time with the choir.

Sadly, I was flying to NYC (I was unaware of the concert date when I booked my ticket) and I missed the concert. I was glad to see the numbers on video and thought the choir students did a great job. My favorite was "Rockin' Robin" because the kids had such a good time with it! I also liked "Al Sholsha D'Varim." I included the video because Trevor on the camera job cracked me up -- it is pretty wobbly (more evidence to the fact that he cannot sit still)!


Rockin' Robin

I've Been to Harlem

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Jen said...

Great singin' & playin'! Your blog is looking lovely as well, Carli.