Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Mother's Day! (But not your average Mother's Day. Thank Goodness!)

***WARNING: Gross picture at the end of the post!***

So there I was, just waking up from a delightful nap on Mother's Day and deciding to hide out in my room while Ken made dinner. Then I heard a crash, a cry, and the kids running up to tell me that Cooper was hurt. I ran downstairs to see pools of blood on the floor. NOT GOOD! I ran into the kitchen to see Ken holding some tissues to Cooper's head and Cooper's polo soaked with a lot of blood. I grabbed a bunch paper towels, put them to where it seemed the blood was coming from, and starting trying to calm a hysterical baby. Ken started cleaning up the blood. Once the flow of blood slowed down, I finally peeked at Cooper's forehead to see what had happened to him. Ken filled in the details.

Ken was making dinner and I think Cooper wanted to see what was going on so he got up on the dining chair facing the back. The chair fell over with him on it and the back of the chair went right into his forehead. It left quite the gash!

Ken and I both thought that a trip to the ER was imminent, but we called out friend Blaine for his professional opinion -- he is a PA at a children's emergency room down in Denver. He was at our door within a few minutes and confirmed our need to go the the ER. He then helped Ken give Cooper a blessing and offered to take the rest of our kids with him back to his house. Talk about full service! We were/are so grateful for dear friends that are willing to help on a moments notice, even on Mother's Day!

We headed to Longmont Hospital and lucked out that there was not much of a wait. Within a few hours Cooper was stitched up and we were on our way back home. We were glad that they did not have to sedate him while they did his stitches -- the nurses wrapped him up in a sheet with his arms to his side, one nurse held his head, another nurse held is body, and I got to be where he could see me, rub his chest, and sing to him while the PA stitched him up with a long whip stitch.

Cooper was a trooper and was calm for most of the time at the hospital. Before the PA came in to stitch him up we had to grab a quick picture. I'm sure that someday he will want to see the cause of his first trip to the ER. Hopefully it will be his last for some time!


Marie said...

Oh my gosh!!! That was shocking to see! Poor little guys! I can't believe how resilient those little ones are. Glad he's ok.

Libby and Eric said...

I am cringing!! The description was bad enough, and then the picture! Poor baby!

Melissa said...

Oh.My.Word! That gash took my breath away. So scary for poor Cooper, and for mom and dad!

Jen said...

Look at the grin on that boy's face! The gash kind of looks like a tiny grin too.

Karin said...