Thursday, September 8, 2011

"The Cabin"

You know those friends, that over laughter and tears, inside jokes, and time spent together, that have become family. We are richly blessed to have some of those in our life and every summer we meet up together in Montana at the DeBry family cabin just outside of Yellowstone. We have been going since before Morgan can even remember. In our family, we simply refer to it as "the cabin."

Each year the group picture has expanded, but there are wonderful activities that we look forward to. Ken looks forward to hiking, fishing, canoeing, shooting, horseback riding, and time with the guys. I look forward to reading a book curled up on the most comfortable couch EVER (and some of that other stuff too). The kids play with their friends and we play with ours. We talk and laugh late into the night. We are totally off the grid; no phone or internet. From those large picture windows we see a bit of heaven on earth and are surrounded by some of those we love most.

It is a tradition that we love and are so grateful that Mark and Malinda invite us year after year. Here is some of the picture highlights from "The Cabin -- 2011."

Lunch with the ladies at the Beartooth Cafe.

The hike up to Woody Falls.

The summit of Sheep Mountain with Pilot and Index behind.


Kristin said...

Great pictures Carli! Love that sunset. Amazing.

Malinda said...

Oh how I love you guys!! I'm just so thankful you still want to come up every year ;)
I look pregnant in that Beartooth Cafe picture!! Gag.