Monday, September 19, 2011

Camping with friends

I am not really much of a camper anymore. I loved it growing up, but now that I am a mom I find that I don't sleep very well and I am always worried if the kids are warm enough (because I always seem to be cold). Ken is very glad that I still like like to go when good friends invite us. Camping with friends is the only way to go!

We loaded up the family and all our gear and headed up to Granby Lake the weekend after school started. The kids had a fantastic time playing with friends. They built awesome forts, loved building the fire, and eating s'mores. The adults enjoyed late nights talking around the campfire, playing horseshoes, and walks by the lake.

On Saturday, we took a short hike to Adams Falls. There was a series of beautiful waterfalls and the kids loved playing in the river. It was fun having a campsite so near the lake! We were lucky to get everything packed up and in the car just before the rain started to fall, as the lightening crackled overhead. It was a beautiful weekend and I loved the drive to and from the campsite as much as camping itself. Colorado is so beautiful and I am grateful for friends that make me go out and enjoy the beauty. :)

About to hike up to Adams Falls.

Love Calli's face in this one! She's not so sure about the canoeing.

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Haley L said...

You really did get some good pics. The ones by the river are great as is the one of little Cooper. Such a fun weekend, indeed!