Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Day of School

Toward the end of summer, around the time we start getting the school supplies for the year, my kids start itching to go back to school. We are pretty lucky that all of our kids enjoy school. Peyton was even more excited because she was starting kindergarten!

We attended back to school night and met all the kids teachers --they have great teachers this year! Ms. Ingraham was Morgan's 3rd grade teacher (and her favorite teacher during elementary school) and was thrilled to have her again for 5th grade. Trevor has a new teacher named Ms. Doughty and knew Trevor enough to give him the tallest desk in the classroom. :) Peyton's teacher, Mrs. Dreitz, was so nice when we walked in and said she was excited to teached one of the Siders' kids. That sure made us feel welcome!

The first day arrived with much anticipation. The kids were up and ready and couldn't wait to get out of the door. I'm sure glad they love to learn and love going BACK TO SCHOOL!

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