Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Take Note

This was probably Take Note's biggest seasons so far. We had a ton of gigs that December! In addition to performing at many nursing homes, we also sang at three other large venues. We also had lots of PR and had a couple of different articles written on us.

In November were asked by our stake PR representative to perform with the Colorado Mormon Chorale. After talking to the director I got the sense that he wasn't quite sure how we would sound. In fact, from our "inside source" in the choir, they we a little hesitant to share a program with us because they thought we would be an amateur group. It made it all the more sweet when after the concert we got a ton of wonderful compliments from many in the choir, including the director, how amazing we sounded. We also heard from many that we had "stolen the show". The choir mentioned they would love to have us sing with them again. It was a great night!

We also were asked by the Longs Peak Barbershop Chorus to sing on their concerts. We were able to do an Friday evening and a Saturday matinee concert. It was really fun sharing the stage with those gentlemen. On Friday night there was quite the scare! Most of the men in the chorus are on the older side and during the second to last song, just before we were to join them on stage for the big finale, one of the men passed out and face-planted from the second riser. He was out cold and it was pretty scary because he was almost 80 and no one was sure what had happened. The paramedics were called and the hall was cleared. We finished by performing the last song in the foyer. That was certainly most most unusual ending to a concert that I have ever participated in. Luckily, the man ended up being alright, although he did not perform with us the next day.

We also had the local Longmont Magazine do a feature article on us. You can read it HERE on pages 16 and 17. It has been great getting our name out there and we are already booking many performances for the spring.

It is hard to explain how much I love getting to perform with these amazing women! When I choose our music to put together a program and then help direct the group, I have a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment. I spent so much of my life developing those talents, I would feel like a part of me was missing if I did not get to use them. I'm so grateful for the support of my family, especially Ken, as I pursue this art. Music is an important part of me feeling complete and these women that I work with, in this goal of making beautiful music, have a dear place in my heart. I love these gals!

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Jen said...

Lovely article in the mag, and a lovely group!