Tuesday, August 5, 2008

SYTYCD finale...

I always have mixed feelings when my favorite show comes to an end for the season. I am excited to see who wins on So You Think You Can Dance, but I hate that I have to wait for next summer before any new shows. Since Will is out, I think that my vote is going to have to go to Joshua (if I actually voted anyway...).

So I am having some friends over to watch the finale at 7:00 on Thursday night . I would love it if you wanted to come to our SYTYCD finale party (or to watch all the dances on Wednesday night). Just let me know if you want to come. It is always more fun to watch with a friend or 7. :)

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Kirsten said...

I love you--how can you inject so much enthusiasm into absolutely anything?! I miss you in my life-there is definately a hole in my heart that can only be filled by your amazing, incredible, addicting, extraordinary everything. HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!